Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Odyssey 2012 - BFF's

 We are like, so totally lucky!  Some of our very favorite people in the whole entire world happened to be in St. George the same time as us!  AGAIN!  Like, for the second year in a row!  We were, like, "We totally didn't plan this, but it was just MTB (Meant To Be)!"  SO totally fun to get to spend time with our BFF's April, Dave, Morgan and Abby.  We just talked and talked and then cried and cried when we had to say goodbye.  STNF! (So totally not fair!).  We'll just have to GTALSS (Get together again like so soon)!!!

 Haley and Morgan have been BFF's since they were wearing size 2 diapers.  They used to chew on the same toys, share pajamas, and have "slumber parties" on our bed so us grown-ups could stay up talking. 

 I think they hugged or held hands the whole entire time.

 Sweet Abby, Haley and Morgan.  

 April and Valarie.

 Haley got in the car and said she was going with them.  I think she was half serious.

You can't see her tears, but they were there.  It was a difficult trip for Haley - seeing all these people that we love and care so much about, and then having to say goodbye.  Maybe next time we can stay in a one-room cabin with these guys for a whole month until we're all sick of each other and can't wait to say goodbye....who am I kidding, that would never happen!  Love you, B. family!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Odyssey 2012 - Fishing at Pine Valley

Rob has fond memories of fishing with his dad as a kid, so we were thrilled that he wanted to take the grand kids this year.  Our kids have never been fishing before and they were so excited to see what it was all about.  We drove west to Pine Valley early one morning and met Grandpa and Aunt Katie at the lake.  They had a cooler full of fish already and were ready to show the kids what to do.  I've always thought of fishing as a patience-tester, but that was not the case on this particular day.  ALL the kids caught a fish within about 45 minutes...that was a very well-stocked lake!  We tried to explain that it's not always that easy, but I'm not sure they believed us...  Needless to say, we had plenty of trout for dinner that night.  Thanks, Grandpa Wood, for the wonderful memories!

 Maren, Grandma, Alex and Chase.

Haley and Nathalie.

  It was so incredibly gorgeous - postcard perfect!

 Grandpa helps Haley get her pole set up.

 Alex has something!

 Reeling it in...

 ...Alex's first fish!

 Katie, Alex and Rob.  Look at Alex's happy smile.  :)

 So proud!

 Jake had the longest wait...

 ...he waited and waited... 

 Haley has a bite!

 We told them carrying it by the mouth was part of the experience...

 Jake finally got a bite!

 Look at that face...

 Alex kept getting time-out's because he wouldn't keep his shoes on and there were lots of fish hooks on the ground.  I did NOT want to have to dig a fish hook out of his feet!

 After fishing we had a picnic lunch in the nearby campground.  Alex and Grandpa have a talk while waiting for lunch.

 The kids all searched for sticks and rocks - as well as for fairies and gnomes.

 Haley and Nathalie were sure they saw something magical up in that tree.

A happy and successful day!