Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Very Happy Birthday To ME!

Rob and the kids gave me another fabulous birthday celebration this year. Chocolate cake, jewelry, a new handbag AND being surrounded by family and friends - what more could a girl ask for?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Heaven

What's better on an early summer afternoon than strawberry ice cream cones? Ah, perfection...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

School's Out For The Summer!

Today was the last day of school for the year - we had lots of cheers and only a few tears this time around. Jake graduated from preschool and will miss playing with the Legos as well as a few of his buddies. Haley had a great 2nd grade year and will miss a wonderful teacher and all of her friends. We're looking forward to a fun summer of travel, sprinklers, slip n' slides, splash parks, swimming, gardening, bike rides, and s'mores.

Proud pre-school graduate!

The kids regaled us with a musical concert.
Jake was the best dancer of them all. That kid can shake it!

Jake with Mrs. A. Love her!

Haley and Mrs. H. Such a sweet, supportive teacher.

Haley, Jake and friends...wow, 2nd graders are
so much taller than pre-schoolers!

We met friends at a park after school to play and have ice cream sandwiches.
Here's to another great school year!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Poster paint + Alex. Need I say more?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Haley's Baptism

Today Haley was baptized and confirmed a member of our Church. We'd all been looking forward to it for so long, especially because Grandpa Breckon was traveling out to visit for the occasion. Unfortunately he caught a nasty bug on the train ride out and was sick and miserable the whole time he was here. He was able to attend the baptism itself at least, and we were happy he was here to share the experience with us. But I don't think he'll be coming back for a long time.

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful service, and we couldn't be more proud of the young lady that Haley is becoming. She is sweet, generous, thoughtful, helpful, and caring. We feel so lucky to know her and learn so much by being her parents.

Haley in her baptism dress, just before the service.

Rob and Haley after the service.

We managed to get one shot with Grandpa before he left. Can't you see a lot of Breckon in her in this picture?!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fire Station Visit

Yesterday we met friends at Fire Station #4 here in town to take a tour and meet the firefighters. I even pulled Haley out of school for a few hours so she could come too. Most of the kids were a little shy but it was fun to see the firefighters' living quarters, gear, and the trucks of course. Alex was content to run away from me and try to push any and all buttons (both literally and figuratively).

Funniest moment of the day: The kids were looking through a thermal-imaging camera and I happened to be in the viewfinder. Haley: "That's my mom!" Firefighter: "Does she always look like that?" Haley: "No, she's had 3 kids." I guess it's time to redouble my efforts at the gym!

Alex was sleepy and uncooperative and wouldn't keep his hat on for the picture.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Garden Party & Author Visit

Our local nursery had a garden party this past week, with the author of the American Girl Lanie books. So of course Haley, Lanie and I had to head over. There were flowers, treats, books, and lots of little girls - what could be more fun? Haley had her book signed and we enjoyed walking up and down all the aisles of flowers. I'm not sure if it's safe to say that Spring has finally arrived, but we are sure ready for it!