Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night 2011

Tonight we celebrated Halloween with some friends at their house, followed by trick-or-treating in their neighborhood and then in our own neighborhood.  We're talking LOTS of treats, LOTS of walking (well, running), and LOTS AND LOTS of candy.  It was a really fun night - I've never been a huge fan of Halloween as an adult, but seeing the kids' excitement and watching them light up with every "Trick or Treat!" is such a blast. 

For Halloween night we abandon our family costumes and the kids wear whatever they want.  Haley chose to stay as Anakin...

...Jake made a dashing Thor...

...and Alex was a sweet, cuddly monkey.

 To coax the kids away from sweets and into the tub, we tossed in their glow bracelets and turned off the lights.  Pretty cool way to end the night!
Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jack-O-Lantern vs. Yoda

I will be honest - as a mom, I do not look forward to carving pumpkins.  The kids are so excited, but who does most of the work?  Mom and Dad.  But as much as I stall the project, it always goes smoother and faster than I expected. 

This year Alex was big enough to help with his own pumpkin - though it turned out he was not excited about getting messy.  Luckily he had Dad and Haley to help him with the scraping and slopping.

Continuing our Star Wars theme this year, we had a Yoda pumpkin to go with our carved jack-o-lanterns.  I have to say - that is pumpkin decorating I could love: pop in the pieces and {voila}! 

With only a few days left until Halloween, now our porch will be all ready for trick-or-treaters! 

 Haley was kind enough to help Jake too - he's not a fan of slimy things.

 You want me to do....what?!


 Yoda-pumpkin and Frowny with Alex.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

 For our church Halloween party this year we decided to fight the Empire as Jedi knights.  Haley and Jake are big Star Wars fans, so we went along and gathered/sewed/put together our costumes. Rob was Hans Solo, Valarie was Princess Leia, Haley was Anakin Skywalker, Jake was Obi Wan Kenobe, and Alex made a hilarious Yoda. 

Jedi robes + light saber + tons of candy = Best night Ever!!!

It was cold and his hat kept slipping off, but Alex definitely understood the ask-and-receive game of Trick or Treating.  "Eat lots of candy, I will!"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pick a Patch of Pumpkins

This weekend we took our annual trip out to the local pumpkin patch.  The weather was pleasantly mild, it wasn't very crowded, and we all had a great time.  It just wouldn't be Autumn time without the fulfillment of this tradition!  Hay rides, corn mazes, hot cider, the Spooky Forest, pumpkin bowling, wagons and chickens and goats....quite the perfect Autumn afternoon. 

 Haley and Jake race through the mini maze.

 Haley helps Alex find the way through the mini maze.

What do you find in a ghost's nose?  BOO-gers of course!  

 The goats were a big hit.

 Racing through the maze...

 A perfect Autumn day.

Fall Photo Shoot

I dragged took the kids out to a local state park this week to take pictures.  We'd missed the autumn trees at their peak so most of the leaves were on the ground, but the light was gorgeous and it was just warm enough to photograph without their coats on.  Below are my many favorites out of (many, many) shots.  Thanks kids, for being so patient with me!

 Haley shows her goofy side.

 It was incredibly difficult to get a good shot of all 3...

Apparently I was hilarious behind the camera.

 I hope they're always such good friends.


 Such a classic Alex picture - he is SUCH a teaser. quickly devolved into a wrestling match.

 Shot taken by Haley of me and Jake.

 "Look at me, Mom!" No more posing, must be time to go.