Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Jake

This was Jake's first year getting to make school Valentines. He picked Toy Story 3 ones and very carefully determined which ones went to the boys and which went to the girls. He signed his name on each one and was so very excited to bring home his stash from school the next day. Jake is such a love-bug; I'm glad he was one of my Valentines!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Fun

We try to keep busy as much as possible in the winter to keep the cabin fever at bay. A few things we've done recently:

The First Lego League was holding a regional competition at the university, so we headed over to watch. With the recent Lego fascination in our house the kids had a great time watching the teams work with their robots. Some of them were very...intense, but what a fun event to watch. We'll have to see if we can get a team started at the kids' school.

The annual cardboard-box sledding competition took place at our favorite sledding hill one Saturday so we stopped by to watch for a while. Haley and Jake got a kick out of all the creative sleds and I'm pretty sure we'll be competing next year. Who's in?

When you don't want to get all bundled up to go play in the snow, why not bring some inside? As part of a winter craft project we had some pans full of snow and the kids thought it was lots of fun to play with it inside. Who knew?
Winter really is lovely and peaceful here, especially at sunrise. But we're looking forward to summer sunrises too.