Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blizzard & Sioux Game

Last Friday night we scored box seats to the Sioux hockey game. We were so tired from Jake's party but knew it was an opportunity we couldn't pass by. So we bundled up against the coming storm and headed over to the hockey arena. The game was already underway when we got to the suite and they scored 3 consecutive goals right away. The screaming fans and fireworks startled the kids at first, but we soon settled in and got used to the noise. What a fun night - we will definitely be going to more games next year...anyone want to go in on a suite with us?!

A blizzard had been forecast for that night and it was picking up steam when we arrived at the game. But by the time we left it was full-force - I'd never seen anything like it in all our 8 years here. I was grateful that we didn't live out of town because it was hard enough to see the main roads to our house. This winter has felt long and extra-cold - we hope this is our last storm of the year!

Monday, March 14, 2011


We celebrated Jake's 5th birthday with a Super Heroes Party this past weekend. He couldn't decide on just one super hero, so all heroes, Jedi warriors, princesses, and other brave souls were welcome. Friends came dressed as super heroes to eat lots of snacks and candy, play pin-the-mask-on-Batman and pass-the-kryptonite, and complete the Super Hero Training Course. Jake was SUPER excited to have his friends celebrate with him - it was a great day!

Jake takes his turn at Pin-the-mask-on-Batman.

Friends climb over, around, and through on the
Super Hero Training Course that Rob set up.

Watch out! Jake-as-Indiana-Jones is wielding his whip!

Jake and Hannah.

"I wish to be a REAL super hero!"

Cheetos and m&m's + toddler + white sweatshirt = this big mess.

Jake really likes the Lego set Haley picked out for him.

Everyone helps open the Drum Set...

"Luke, I am your father!"

Jake models his new "Jedi Master In Training" shirt.

Super-Jake, Five-Year-Old

At 5 years old, Jake still surprises us daily with what he says and does. He wakes up - bright and early - and is raring to go from the minute he opens his eyes. After a few minutes of snuggling with us he literally bounces out of bed and greets each day with energy and enthusiasm (Rob and I are alternately impressed, envious, and annoyed at this). He is creative, funny, sweet, helpful, feisty, and incredibly good at math for a preschooler. Jake L-O-V-E-S Legos and will disappear into his room with a new set, emerging an hour or two later with it all built perfectly. He still loves Transformers and any super heroes, as well as Star Wars and Indiana Jones (from playing the Lego Wii games of those movies) and will engage in battle with pretty much anyone anywhere. He and Haley are best friends and love to play together, and he's a great big brother to Alex, putting up with Alex's teasing and curiosity. We are so lucky to have him as part of our family and life would sure be boring without him around. Happy Birthday, Jakey!

One morning while driving Jake to preschool I looked back
and saw them like this - so sweet!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Haley's 2nd Grade Music Program

Last night we were lucky enough to get to attend Haley's 2nd grade program. She loves to sing and was excited for us to come. What a bunch of new-front-teeth cuties!