Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Brave the Cold

Ah, the love of grandparents is miraculous to be sure. For anyone who knows my dear mother-in-law, they will hardly believe that this is North January. We were so happy Rob's parents were willing to fly out and visit us, especially since they brought some "warm" weather with them and we got a respite from the sub-zero temperatures we'd been having.

The kids were thrilled as always to play with grandma and grandpa, and we enjoyed lots of good food, roaring fires, and our first family ice skating adventure. It was a short visit, but we all loved it! Maybe next year we can visit them in their sunny southern region - that would only be fair, right?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

6 Months!

It feels like every other week I'm exclaiming about Alex, "I love this age!" And while it's true that every age has its high points (What can compare with that newborn smell? That first smile? The first blissful slept-for-six-whole-hours night?), I really do adore the 6-month mark. Maybe its just that I'm finally feeling like myself again and life has resumed some semblance of normalcy - or at least settled into the "new normal" - but I just can't get enough of this cutie. At 6 months, Alex:

-Is sitting up (mostly). We still bank him with pillows for the occasional flop.

-Loves his pacifiers, but ONLY the green newborn ones. Not blue, pink, or anything else. Santa brought him a bunch of green ones so we'll always have a back-up. Several times a day we can be heard shouting to one of the older kids, "Find me a green bink!" Don't believe me? You try putting him to sleep with the wrong one. You're welcome to try anytime.

-Has decided he loves mashed potatoes. Also bananas, but not much else besides milk.

-Is rolling over consistently enough that we can no longer leave him on elevated surfaces or in the bouncy seat.

-Love, love, loves bath time. He starts kicking as soon as he hits the water, with a very intense look of concentration on his face. Alternating-leg kicks and froggy double-leg ones that soak whoever is watching him. Maybe we have a future swimmer on our out, Michael Phelps.

-Is a big fan of my hair. Or anyone's, I guess, I just happen to be holding him a lot. I have to admit that I kind of love when he'll fall asleep with a handful of it clenched tightly in his pudgy little hand.

-Is universally adored by everyone in the house. He gets so excited when we pick Haley up from school and seems to save some of his biggest smiles for her. He laughs at Jake, who bounces around and plays peek-a-boo to get a giggle out of him. He is so sweet, still mellow most of the time, and smiles at everyone we meet. It's hard to remember when he wasn't part of our family. I can't wait to see what fun the next 6 months bring.