Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tenure & Promotion

It's official - after 6 years of hard work, dedicated & innovative teaching, and an ever-expanding research agenda, Rob has been awarded tenure at the University of North Dakota. This means job security, as well as a promotion from assistant to associate professor.

However, this is no way means that he will rest on his laurels. He is always trying to improve his teaching by implementing new technologies and strategies. He was recently awarded a large grant to study the US Customs and Border Protection organization here on the northern border. This could turn into an even larger project and potentially be a chapter in the book he is planning to write.

The kids and I are all very proud of him for his hard work and achievements. He's been so amazing at balancing work and home and the challenges that both present. Congratulations, hon!

This great news, combined with the ailing economy, has led us to make some major decisions...stay tuned for updates.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

"I Go With Dad"

Jake has always been a Mama's boy. He's my "snugglebug" and loves to curl up on my lap, meowing like a kitten and calling me his "Meow-Meow Mama." He often finds his way to our bed in the middle of the night and Rob and I joke that if we could somehow zip Jake into our skin, that's what he would prefer, if only to get that much more snuggled into us. He and I have lots of fun during the day while Haley's at school - going to story time at the library, playing during open gym at the gymnastics gym, or parking downtown to watch the trains go by. But during the last few months Jake has become more aware of the male/female divide. (Maybe it has something to do with potty training? Or maybe it's because I've been such a nauseous, exhausted, un-fun Mama these past 16 weeks?)

For whatever reason, Jake has become very attached to his dad lately. He tells me that he and dad are "buddies" and is frequently telling us, "I go with Dad." I'm not sure if this is a literal statement, since they often "go" to the store together, or a more figurative allusion to their matching anatomy (Jake is very into matching and pairs lately). It's very sweet to watch their evolving relationship; I can only hope they're still such great "buddies" 15 years from now...for the time being I will cherish every time he curls up on my lap and calls me his Meow-Meow Mama.