Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 and Counting...

Rob and the kids gave me such a great birthday this year - I am one lucky woman! They dropped me off at Lowe's to shop for plants for the front porch, which was a treat in itself. I got to spend almost 2 hours shopping ALONE, taking my time coming up with combinations for the planters and hanging baskets. Just when I'd thought that was the best present ever, they brought me home to balloons, a vaseful of cut flowers, and a flower-covered cake. Not to mention the gifts: novels from Jake, a huge lilac bush from Haley, and the wallet that I'd not-so-subtly hinted to Rob about. All in all, I felt so spoiled and thankful for my wonderful family! Maybe getting older isn't so bad...but ask me again in 10 years. I had been telling Haley about how the lilacs were in bloom in Seattle the week she was born, and that they would always remind me of her tiny newborn self. I was so excited to get a "Pocahontas" cultivar from her, since we didn't have any lilac bushes in the new yard.

Balloons, as photographed by Haley.

I couldn't resist including this one of Haley the next morning - 6 going on 16...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Miscellany

It has been a wet, cold and windy spring here in North Dakota. I keep telling the kids "April showers..." but we've had to revise that a little as the showers continued well into May. But finally the forecast calls for a week or more of sunshine with highs in the 60s - it's a good thing because Haley's summer vacation starts in one week!

We all got to go to Haley's school one afternoon to watch the Kindergarten Music Program. They had worked so hard and put on a great performance, with sign language and everything. We were glad that Haley was finally well enough to go to school so that she didn't miss out.

Jake was uncharacteristically mellow during the performance...must have been because he was coming down with pneumonia...

Jake loves to watch others open gifts - he was so excited for me to open mine on Mother's Day.

Haley made me a beautiful butterfly for Mother's Day; nothing is sweeter than those handmade gifts from the kids.

We were lucky enough to have Rob's parents come for a visit this last weekend. Although it was cold and windy most of the time, it did warm up enough the last day for us to walk over to the park and fly kites. Jake thought it was the greatest.
Haley readies the kite...

Mom and Dad Wood - we're glad they're willing to travel all this way to see us!

Mom W. gives it a try.

Rob helps Jake steer the kite. Hurray for warmer weather!