Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun In The Sun

Home from our month-long road trip, we tried to make the most of our last weeks of summer vacation. I love having all the kids home - the lazy mornings, afternoons at the lake or the park, having all the neighborhood kids over to play on the slip n' slide. What a wonderful time of life; I hope their memories of these summers are as good as mine are.

7 going on 17...

They were in a funny-face mood this day.

Walking! About 2 weeks after his 1st birthday he took his first steps. Now we can hardly keep up with him.

Haley had a play date one day and they got "fancy" for a tea party. Who wouldn't wear a pirate hat to tea?

The field behind our house had wheat growing in it this year, which just begged to be ran through. We had friends over one night and let the kids go, hoping the farmer didn't knock on our door the next day.

Jake was very proud of himself for finally climbing a tree like Haley.

One last Seattle picture...on our way out of town...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Odyssey 2010 - Goodbye Seattle

Before heading out of town, we gathered with family one last time at Chris and Jen's house. Sunny day, family all around, grilled pizzas, hammock, treasure hunt with grandma, Wii Fit, cousins playing together, puppies and birds...perfection.

Deanna got TOSSED in the pool by Conan - she was such a good sport about it too.

Alex is great at finding soda cans to suck on.

Uncle Chris and cousin Kaylie.

Jen and Abby.

Jake and cousin Stephen.

My (baby) brother, Nick.

Chris and Wahid.

Grace and Jen.

Such a little heart-breaker.

We girls sorted through bags of doll clothes made by Grandma Breckon when we were little. Haley found a lot of new outfits for Samantha.

Cousins Stephen and Kaylie.

Capoeira demonstration by Deanna and Conan.

We love you! Thanks for a fabulous trip; we can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Odyssey 2010 - Point Defiance

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather one day and headed down the hill from Chris and Jen's to Point Defiance park where we enjoyed an afternoon of stunning views while the kids played along the shore. Afternoons at the lakeside are some of my favorite childhood memories, and I was happy to share it with our kids.

'Da boys: Chris, Rob, and Nick.

Logs to climb over + billions of rocks = toddler heaven.

Mt. Rainier made an appearance. only about a million people have stepped on...

Solving all the world's problems.

Being able to throw things for HOURS without getting yelled at: priceless.

Oh, how I love Seattle!