Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Spring 5th Grade Band Concert

 Spring concert season is ramping up, and tonight we got to listen to the 5th grade band perform.  Their improvement over the last 7 months is impressive (it's the first year most of them have played), and Jake is part of a super fun trombone section.  We're so proud of him and the hard work he's put in to practice and rehearsals.  

Alex, thankfully, is finally old enough that he'll sit through the (many) concerts and performances we attend for his older siblings.  It helps that he's found some book series that he likes, and he's adopted the family motto of "Never go anywhere without a book!"

I have the utmost respect for elementary band and orchestra teachers.  Seriously, these awesome educators deserve a beach retreat and a big iTunes gift card so they can listen to {good} music all they want.  Watch for the trombone sections little "dance" at 0:50.