Friday, March 31, 2017

Boys' Week - Pinewood Derby and More

This week while Haley's been gone, the boys and I have stayed busy so we wouldn't miss her too much.  We built Legos, went to the park after school every day, and cheered Jake on at his last Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  

 Jake was pretty excited for Crazy Hair Day at school and knew exactly how he wanted it done.  He especially enjoyed rockin' his crazy hair at the middle school for his math class (where it *wasn't* Crazy Hair Day). 

 Guess who bought a motorcycle?  Surprise, this guy's Dad.  Guess who's *not* excited about it? Not-surprise, this guy's Mom.

Bo and Jake worked very hard on his Pinewood Derby car for this year.  From the glossy paint job to the cool design, Jake wanted his car to scream, "FAST!" It wasn't fast enough to place in the top 3, but he did win the award for "Most Futuristic."