Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend

It's been a busy weekend, with lots of Spring cleaning and yard clean up.  The kids have enjoyed playing outside - football, basketball, baseball, roller blading, skateboarding, riding bikes, and playing with neighborhood friends, with a few breaks to help clean windows and fold laundry.

Saturday night we hosted our documentary group, where we watched "13th" and had some spirited discussion on race, slavery, and the prison system.  I'd highly recommend it (for mature audiences).  

Sunday morning I woke up early to prepare my talk for Sacrament meeting, and the kids waited patiently all day until after church (4 pm), when they could search for their baskets and eggs.  Jake was the first to find his (in his empty cello case), Alex was next (behind his bed pillows), and Haley finally found hers in the back of the Jeep in the driveway.  We're running out of hiding places, and they're getting better at finding them!  We're looking forward to a day off of school and work tomorrow - maybe the sugar will be out of their systems by the time they're back to school on Tuesday?  Happy Easter, everyone!

 Haley trying out her new, "premium" colored pencils.

I was so happy that my wheatgrass grew tall in time for Easter.  I've been dying for some Spring Green around here!

Each kiddo has to find their basket, as well as color-coded eggs.  They each had 3 large eggs, 3 small, and a metallic egg.  I remember picking up those eggs as a kid and thrilling at the weight of them, hinting at the candy inside.  

One of Alex's yellow eggs blended in nicely with my freshly-planted flowers in the front pot.  Of course tonight there's a freeze warning so I need to drag them to the garage...I am about a month early for planting but I just couldn't resist!

 The kids didn't think to look outside for their eggs - this one hung out on the rocking chair for quite a while!