Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Orchestra Concert

Haley and one of her BFFs, waiting for their turn.
Haley has enjoyed playing her violin with the Middle School Orchestra this year, and her playing has improved tremendously these past few months.  Orchestra is not held during the regular school day, so she has gotten up and to the school 45 minutes early every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for practices.  Talk about dedication!

We got to enjoy her Spring Concert tonight, where they played some really beautiful pieces including one by a Japanese composer that sounded like a rainstorm - from the first drip-drops to the final pitter-patter.  It was impressive.

She also recently had the opportunity to play a piece with 2 of her friends at the city-wide Chamber Music Festival.  They did a great job and plan to continue playing together next year.

Alex clearly didn't appreciate the music, and was out cold
before the end of the performance.
This kid can fall asleep almost anywhere!
Jake also ran out of appreciation for the concert.  Dad usually provides
 him with electronic entertainment, but since he was out of town I
got to enforce my "strict" and "mean" concert etiquette.
Or maybe I just wanted the snuggles...