Monday, May 04, 2015

Pirouettes and Piercings

This weekend was an exciting one for Haley.  Friday night she performed with her jazz dance class in their Spring recital, which is always a fun night.  She never gets nervous (only excited, she says), and it's so rewarding to see the dancers' months of hard work pay off.  The boys - ahem, Alex - lasted through her performance at least, after which Haley came upstairs and watched the rest of the show with me.  I love watching the dances with her, oohing over the costumes and laughing at the super "sassy" faces some of the dancers make.

Saturday night we sent the boys to see the new Avengers movie while Haley and I supposedly went to get pedicures.  We did go to the spa, however the appointment was for Haley to get her ears pierced.  After YEARS of debating whether she was willing to brave the pain in return for sparkle, she decided she was ready.  However she didn't want the pressure of everyone knowing so we kept it a surprise.

We were very happy we chose to go to the spa instead of Claire's at the mall.  It was relaxing, calm, and clean!  After picking out her studs - rhinestone flowers - we headed back to the room to get the job done.  I'd given Haley Tylenol already AND put some numbing gel on her ears but she was still rather apprehensive.  After marking the perfect placement and a *slight* freak-out moment of hesitation, one ear was done.  The other quickly followed and it was finished!  Laughing (and crying just a teeny-tiny bit!), Haley said it hadn't hurt as much as she thought it would.  It was fun to show the boys when we got home and she's done a great job taking care of them.  Hurray for being brave and conquering your fears, Haley!